What is the dress code, due to the fact Morocco is an Islamic country?

Shorts and short sleeve tops are fine as long as they are not too short and revealing. It is not sensible for women to wear clothes that reveal too much cleavage or the waist line.
Definitely no topless sunbathing! More discretion is required during Ramadan, the Holy festival.


Can I get Moroccan Dirham’s before I leave the UK, and if not what currency should I bring?

No, the Moroccan dirham is a soft-non convertible currency so, bring sterling cash and your Credit/Debit card to use as back up.

What temperatures can I expect?

During the summer months from June to August temperatures can get as high as 48C during the day time and not too much cooler in the evenings. Spring time temps are High 20’sC to mid 30’sC Winter: Sunbathing weather during the day up to 27C night time can be very cool as low as 8C.


Is it safe to walk around alone and at night times?

You are probably safer in Morocco than in Europe. Tourism is a significant income for the country and so several years ago the Government introduced a tourist brigade police force, whose duty it is to protect visiting foreigners.


What is the Electrical Voltage in Marrakech? And what type of plugs do they have?

The voltage is the same as in the UK. 210. They use the two round pins, European plug, Adapters are easily available in the UK.


Can I bring my own iron to iron my clothes?

We have an in house laundry service for all laundry. 24 hr turnaround. Or an hour just for Ironing. We advise guests not to bring their own iron as there are no surfaces suitable for ironing and previous guests have left burn marks on the bedding.


Is the food spicy and is it safe to eat on the food stalls in Marrakesh ?

Moroccan food is spiced with fragrant spices like cinnamon and Cumin and not the hot spices like in Indian foods. We advise guests not to eat from the food stalls as there is no running water to wash the plates, just one bowl of cold water. The food is not refrigerated and so is likely to cause a stomach upset.


Is the Tap water safe to drink in Morocco ?

The tap water is fine for cleaning your teeth, the locals drink it, but if you are here for just a few days you will not have time to get used to it, so stick with bottled water.


What happens if I get sick and need a Doctor or an emergency Dentist?

We have very good private Doctors that will visit if needed as well as a very good private Clinic where the expats go for treatment. Also, an excellent Dentist that I have used many times. Better than UK!.


What happens if my passport is lost? How will I get back to UK?

We have an excellent British Honorary Consulate in Marrakech, who will help you with a replacement passport or papers to allow you to leave the country.


Can I buy toothpastes and shampoos etc in Marrakech?

Yes, many of the products you will recognise from the UK


Will my Mobile phone work in Morocco?

Yes, as long as you have roaming, then the service here is very good.


Can I have a friend stay over in the Riad?

No, it is forbidden by law for resident Moroccans to stay over in a Licensed – Maison D’Hote – Riad with a non Moroccan.


Is Alcohol available in Marrakech, can I get a beer or Gin and Tonic?

Yes, although there are not stand alone pubs/bars like in Europe, there are plenty of Hotels with public Bars, Restaurants in the new town also have licenses and we have many good night clubs that sell alcohol. Moroccan wines are excellent so stick with them they are much better value than the French wines.


What is the latest that we can check in to the Riad?

So as not to disturb guests that may be sleeping we prefer arriving guests to check in before 11pm you must advise the Riad of any late arrival


What time must we vacate the room when checking out?

Check out time is 12.00 mid day, arrangements may be made for a later check out if the room has a late arrival, you would need to check with the manager the night before, There is an extra charge for late check outs.


Is there somewhere I can leave my baggage if I have a flight later in the day?

Yes, baggage can be stored until you are ready to leave for the airport.


How far is Marrakech airport from the Riad and how can I get to the riad?

Marrakech airport is approx 15 minutes by car to the Riad. We operate an airport transfer service to the Riad which we recommend as it is not uncommon for many arrivals using taxis to be taken to wrong address. Our transfers service is 150 Dirhams (15 Euros) per journey, booked in advance for up to 3 persons. You can see a map in « Contact »


What is the situation in regards to tipping in Morocco ?

Tipping is part of every day life here in Morocco and is expected in restaurants and for general services . Remember wages are usually very low in Morocco and tipping is a way of supplementing their wages but, unlike the USA it is not compulsory but, very welcomed for good service. As a guide line only, 2 to 3 Dirhams for a coffee 5 to 10 for a lunch and 5 to 10% for an evening meal. For a taxi round up to the nearest 5 Dirhams.


What is the cost of Eating out ?

Eating out can range from inexpensive to more than UK prices depending on where you eat. A simple Moroccan lunch ( one plate) can cost as little as £3.00 in a simple restaurant/café up to £10.00. An evening meal, three courses with wine can range from £15.00 up to £30.00 in a mid range/Good restaurant. Prices can go much higher in the new trendy restaurants. Long gone are the days when £50.00 will last a week, Marrakech is probably the number one City break destination and prices are beginning to reflect this.